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He was born in 1953 in Leon Province, Spain. He began to study painting and sketching and gave it up in 1972 to begin his studies as a Mine Engineer. 

In 1993, he met Eduardo Arroyo and restarted his career in painting. Seven years later, he had an exhibit in the Malborough Gallery in Madrid.

Since then, he has participated in numerous collective exhibitions. 


"For a long time, Lolo Zapico, has kept his painting hidden. Recently, this discrete man began to show his art. I may have been one of the first to notice his qualities and obsessions.  The particular calligraphy of Lolo Zapico, is inscribed on paintings from the 20th century under the influence of American painter Marc Tobey: a pictorial obsession and an inspiration of the writing that privileges an original poetry. The last works of Zapico seem similar to abstract; but let's not fool ourselves: his paintings are much more figurative than what they appear."


Eduardo Arroyo


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